Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Interplanetary Rock and Roll - Generating Momentum with Mental Musk at Planet Gemini

Perhaps you didn’t know. You oughta, though. Remember it next time you find yourself wondering where and when the shows are at, or next time you find your wallet coughing dust but still need something to do, for there lies an establishment on Fremont Street known as Planet Gemini that can sate your desires. Should your Thursday night be lame and devoid of anything worth pursuit, or even if it’s not, then go to Planet Gemini, god dammit! What could possibly be going on during a Thursday night in Monterey? Well, something to do, that’s what.
Mental Musk performs, for free, at this club every single Thursday, starting usually around 8 or 8:30 at night and continuing indefinitely. They bring along a second band each time (also for free), and on some occasions, a third (still fucking free), to compliment the tastes of everyone on the vast floor that sprawls from before a stage with ample area for a local hard rock band to go ham. And so do they take advantage of their vast dominion and exhaust all the pent up, rock & roll energy inside them - as I have witnessed upon Planet Gemini’s stage before. Other local jams who have so far tagged along for the show include Mirror Mind - composed of many of the members of Monterey favorite, the Beholder Band, and playing an emotional and experimentally composed medley of airy rock music - as well as Crown Chakra - a unique hippie jam band with heavy psychedelic undertones - and as well as the colloquially titled, CT’s Band - a rhythmic instrumental journey started by none other than the local deity of festivities, CT - and even the local trap rapper and the creator of this blog, Kae9mm to offer something to those for whom rock is not their thing - plus more! And it’s different every week, always new musical flavors to taste, new people to meet, new shenanigans to be had. It’s an environment designed to spawn fun, and whether there are fifteen people in attendance, or fifty-five, it does not fail to simply be fun.
The venue itself is a nightclub with a sizable floor that can host more than enough dancers and moshers and movers to get the crowd charged and electrified as the amplifiers vibrate through the floor. The stage too is more than large enough to host Mental Musk’s three-piece deal, allotting Yvan and Eliot the space to dance and gallop to and fro before the audience and present them a proper marvel of electric momentum. Lights and lasers dart around the room and bounce between mirrors, friendly people converse and smoke cigarettes outside, and the managers have been little else but accommodating to the attendants of these shows. There is seating, a comfy side area, well kempt bathrooms, cheap, satisfying food, a comprehensive bar of alcoholic beverages to whatever fancy you may have, and karaoke in the other wing to top it off, if that’s your thing. So if you’ve nothing to do on a Thursday night, well, now you do.
And be sure to check out Mental Musk on Instagram or Facebook and keep up with this extraordinary ensemble, preserving a genre integral to our culture that few elect to perform any longer.

I apologize that this is not one of my normal pieces. I have undertaken a piece detailing the story and spirit of the disbanded local ensemble Glass House, and though I had at once finished the post, I deemed it unworthy of the band’s sympathies and stories, especially in consideration of the manifold sentiments the members retained for such an arduous project of their lives. As such, I scrapped the post and delved further into the band to dig up something worthy of leaving behind as the documentarian history of a band that will no longer share its music and its story. So thank you for your support, and your patience if you happen to keep an eye on this blog’s progress.

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