Monday, January 23, 2017

TrashMonkey Trip!

 photo 15492086_10211012922736426_366881824749136902_n_zps4ouix4ki.jpg 831 superstars The Proudest Monkeys and American Trashbird, have one hell of a treat lined up for their fans! Thursday, February 2nd they will be performing at Neck Of The Woods, 406 Clement St, in San Francisco. Be prepared for the smooth vocal sounds from Trevor Lucier, and intricate songs from Kenny Chung, as they display their talents at full force. There will be a large fleet of cars meeting at La Tortuga in Seaside, next door to the Monterey Music Club on Fremont and Harcourt. This is going to be a show to remember, so get ready and have your camera phones ready for Trevor And Kenny to bless your snapchats, facebooks, and instagrams!

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